Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

I've added more frosty and dark blue scraps into the temperature quilt tote.  Soon I will be adding a few purples because we are COLD and going to get COLDER!!  We've had more snow and will get even more snow, but I'm not using anything special to notate at this point.  I do have some swirly, flake, star, snowy looking blues there though.

41 - 37 - 34 - 31 - 31 - 35 - 36

With the furkids tending to prefer to find a nice comfy, warm napping spot while in this cold spell - I might just get this project finished without extra help.  I am using the Temecula Quilt Co. Snowballs corner work as leader/enders while I do this.

I just have one last row of blocks to put together and add to that second half.  Then I can 'marry' the two flimsies into a finish.  It will have to go into the 'to be quilted' extra large tub to wait it's turn for quilting as there are others deserving a turn under the machine.

Once this is done, I have some serious re-organizing to do to straighten up my storage and work space with the Holiday getting closer.  I need to focus on one project at a time at this point just to get them further onto the next step.

And my dear friend, Sarah, over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict has come up with a fabulous idea for next year in getting control of our scraps.  Being a scrap quilter I don't want to use them up, but with so many donations that came in over the last couple of months I need to have a plan.  I just LOVE this idea and will be joining in.

Take time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Making

I know it is technically Tuesday at this hour on the East Coast, but I did have a busy Monday.  I cut all my rectangles for Bonnie's next clue over the weekend and I spent Monday getting the corners sewn on half.  Even though I am only making half the number of units for a smaller quilt, these take a little more time for accuracy.

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Also, over the weekend I managed to get all my large squares cut for the Temecula Quilt Co. Snowball QAL.  All the little corner squares I can pull from my barrel system.  Why cut more when I have these waiting to be used.  I got 10 dark squares with all four corners on.  This is a long term project and so many a week will get done.  This project went into that empty spinach container.

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This is an older picture (per the spinach tote), but I did manage to get the plaid project back into the correct layout again - thanking that I took a photo to go by.  I labeled rows and picked it up before a furry friend could play 'shuffle the leaf pile' again.  Hopefully I can get a row or two added each day so it is a flimsie by the end of the year.

I had hoped to get more done, but Monday's interruptions included a Hall of Fame deadline, rescheduling our local quilt guild Christmas party due to a bad storm tomorrow, and a Christmas Party here with one of Mom's sewing groups.

Tuesday is a snow-in-cation, so it is a catch up day.  BUT, I am adding housework into the mix.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, December 8, 2017

Whooping Friday

I was on a mission to get this scrappy project into two half flimsies so it could wait for the 'final' finish further down the month.  BUT, with one half done I had a helper who thought it was great fun to scatter my nicely laid out rows for the second half.  I need to 're-group' this, but for now it will be set aside as  I have other plans for the weekend.

With the baby spinach container now empty - I need to use it for a new long term project.  There is a new button on the sidebar - Temecula Quilt Co. - for a Snowball QAL.  That should tame the CW totes a bit.  Just so many Snowballs each weak until the end of February - doable.

The next clue is out for Bonnie Hunters's new mystery.  This next unit should chain thru the machine rather quickly; as well as I am doing half the number for a smaller quilt.

I've had this Timeless Treasures non-traditional Holiday fabric in my tote for a very long time.  Someone wanted to know if I had any bird table runners and something that was non-traditional - timing!  I am using the (which ever pattern or tutorial you use) 10 minute (or 30 minute) table runner pattern.  It's origin is the Iowa University - Cooperative Extension Division pattern, but so many have claimed it.

It's a sewing weekend,
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

My aqua and frosty blue scraps made for a cute new temperature block.  We are in a bit of a weird weather pattern in the NorEast right now.  Some days very cold, then a bit of a jump, back to cold, and the next few days we may get very warm.  Luckily we went to warm and rain when they actually predicting a lot of snow.  BUT, you know that is coming eventually.

48 - 41 -49 -39 - 39 - 34 - 48

With my 'clean-up' mood going right now, I pulled this project.  I still can't find the rails and log cabins.  Luckily I have the little note sheet  tucked with these with the block and row/column count.  Now to try and get these into two half flimsies today.

I want to share a wonderful break My SIL and I took yesterday afternoon.  We went to the local library for a free class on making basket weave ornies.  I loved the rocks with the weave, but the class focused on the reindeer.

It took a good hour to make just one reindeer.  I need to cut the antlers once those reeds are fully dry.  Then to add a bow around his neck and the hanger.

I was happy to see such a large turnout for this class - more tables had to be set up or people watched and then once a spot opened up, they took a seat. There were all ages from children, adults, and seniors.  She had the paper woven hearts, too and ....

a woven star, but we make these with fabrics fused together and weave using the same method.  So Jeri and I gladly gave up our seats with our reindeer tucked away and headed home.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon.

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Take time to play today,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday Making

Over the weekend I did what a lot of quilter's did - worked on my geese units for Bonnie Hunter's 'Ringo Lake' mystery.  There are melon, peach, pink, dusty rose, orange, and I think even a few mauve.  BUT that doesn't matter as it is variety that will give this such interest.  BONUS - that bag of scrap Kona white was used up!!  There are more bags of that - they might be Kona white or snow, or Moda Bella white or oyster, or CT white, or......  Again, it doesn't matter.

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Monday is for making and Earlene got her last stitches done, border attached, and sandwiched for quilting.  I found a scrap binding in the drawer just the right size/color.  Her coat buttons will be real little buttons attached as part of the 'quilting'.   She gets her big finish today - why did it take so long?

And as long as the machine will be in quilt mode - this jelly roll quilt will get it's finishing touches today.  I don't have a binding for this one, but I'm sure I can find something on the shelf to compliment.

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Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching

It's been a long time since I joined KATHY for a day of slow stitching.  I have a project that needs a day of dedication.

Yes, poor Earlene is my date for the day.  It is just all the black floss areas which gets tiresome due to the color, but she is getting stitched today.  As I work, I've found a few small areas I seemed to have missed so they will get needed attention to.  Then there's those three buttons that haven't been attached to the little 'cross-body' bags. 

It's a cold and frosty day - a good day to stay inside and take up needle and thread.

Sewingly Yours,

Friday, December 1, 2017

Last RoundUp

It's hard to believe that we are heading into the last month of the year.  So much needs to be finished.  I feel so bad for Earlene as she has been buried under other project, lost to the finishing world.  I have had to hunt her up multiple times.  December MUST be her month as Barbara @ Cat Patches will be rounding up these Bag Ladies for the year.

In searching for my Bonnie Hunter Challenge Rails, I stumbled across this box.  Last year's challenge of Hourglass blocks, but I had opt to make Broken Dishes with all these triangles in a gifted baggie.  So I will work more of these inbetween threads on Earlene.

And as we head toward  the shortest day - Winter Solstice - I realize that the Temperature Quilt will be at it's half-way mark.  It will , also, be a good time to get the large hoop out and start handquilting my Leap Year quilt.

I did get the purses done, but need to sew on the buttons.  The rest of those scraps (originating from my Jasmine Jacket) did get put into the CW tote and will probably get used into Barbara Brackman's 2018 QAL.

Because it's Feline Friday and to show that I moved that tote so I can honestly work those projects out of it - Moe has his favorite 'bed' back.  My large, high quilt rack that I wrapped a pillow onto and has 4 blankets piled on it - Prince and the Pea!!  I will have to find him a new bed soon as once things start to get moved around, this quilt rack is going to my Daughter's home.

Now to find Earlene again,
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

I need to finish off the projects in this under-bed tote.  Scrappy projects that have been around for a while.  BUT.... I can't convince this guy to move to a better napping place.  So I will clear out some scrappy projects that are laying around before I have to knuckle down to FMQ that next quilt.

This is what is left from my Jasmine Jacket project.  I could just throw them in the CW tote or cut them down into my barrel system.  NO - I think I will actually make something with them.  I have a couple of small clutch patterns and think I will turn this pile into some cute bags.

I have this project in the works.  Trying to tame some of those colorful solids.

I just need 10 more of the longer stratas for this project.  The black strips are cut, but I need to pick a few more colors to go with them.  Easy finish and this will probably be packed away for after Christmas play time.  

Using up some scraps with the temperature quilt.  We definitely are moving closer to Winter.  Days are getting colder and when the sun tries to bring a warm day, it just can't warm it up.

38 - 35 - 39 - 48 - 37 - 40 - 36

Take a day to play,
Sewingly Yours,

Bella Solids

My photo

Good friend and Fellow Blogger, Kris @ Lavender Quilts, is having a fabulous Bella Solids sale with great low to no shipping.
Yes, I skipped Black Friday and Cyber-Monday
SO I treated myself to some solid staples

Please, if you leave an order with Kris on her post - be sure to leave contact information if you do not have your e-mail in your profile or are using a Google+ account

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Monday Making

I'll be joining BETH today with some serious play time.  It's starting to get to be about 'finishing' all those projects that have been in the works thru the year.

I have pulled half of the quilt tops out of the big tub to start cutting batting and matching up backing.  Some were already with their 'match up', but I am stacking these babies up to hopefully encourage me to get them done.

I'll stack them by  size and easy to hard quilting.  Starting with the smaller and easiest to quilt will give me a feeling that I am getting some where.  And hopefully to keep going.

Obviously this one is going into the more extensive quilting pile.  I have a few more to roll that batt out for thru today.  Some of my backings need washing and then a good press.  

I have one more 'sleeve' to piece for the Jasmine Jacket that is a guild challenge.  Hopefully to have this finished by our Christmas Party meeting for our 'run-way' showing.

This is the front/back section laid out with sub-liner and batt to get ready for quilting.  The lining is all together.  I hope to work the quilting and when I need a shoulder break, roll out more batting or wash/press a backing.

This is the Jasmine Jacket pattern, just so you have an idea where this is going.  You really have to search on-line for this as it is no longer available.  One of our guild members was an official teacher for this pattern and has been giving steps over the last 4 month's meetings for our construction. 

It's been a long time since I've made clothing - or a jacket.  There have been some 'duh' moments, but once it clicked and the base pattern sized; the construction and design is really to your own creativity.  It will be fun to see how everyone designed their own Jasmine Jacket. 

Take time to Create today,
Sewingly Yours,

Saturday, November 25, 2017

It's A Mystery

Quiltville's Quips & Snips

It's a mystery to me how people can spend Thanksgiving Day, Eve, and Black Friday fighting crowds for a 'deal'.  I much prefer to spend my time right to home with the first clue to Bonnie Hunter's  mystery.  I'm sure there are plenty of you out there doing the same.

I am going along with Bonnie's color plan - sort of.  I didn't pull these - these are my FQ shoe totes that are stuffed and need cleaning out.  So it only made sense to go with the flow.  My only change is that I will be using a constant 'neutral', because that is what I have.

I plan on making the lap size version so only making half the amount of units.  Once the final reveal comes out and I might need more - easy peasy.  So, that many sub units take no time at all to whip up on a quite day after the Holiday.

After finishing up another small project on the table, I spent Saturday making these cute 9-patches.  Here we can get into a deep discussion on what 'aqua' is, but I don't really worry as variety is what is going to make this interesting.  And they have all gone happily into a project tote waiting for the nest clue.

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Hope you got to play,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

While looking thru my shelves for fabrics for those pillowcase cuffs, I kept knocking down the over-flow of solids.  These have to be tamed!  There are three pillowcases sitting there to finish up, but I need a day to play as tomorrow will be a day with family and no sewing.  I'll pull the last of my Kona Black and there will be a play date.

The next temperature rosette has a bit of change in it that makes it fun.  I had a nice sparkly large white on white snowflake fit of fabric for marking our first snow, but it got lost with the background.  Since it was cold, windy, and flakes lofting - I chose the crisp blue with swirls, drifts, and snowflakes.  It's a sparkle fabric, too - the magic of the first snow.

42 - 51 - 37 - 40 - 41 - 1st Snow - 48

I have just my son and his girlfriend coming for dinner and they requested pot roast instead of turkey - we are not fans of turkey.  This will be easy as it can all be thrown in the crock pot and the house will fill with that wonderful aroma.  I picked up fresh rolls and a pumpkin pie from a local bakery - can't ask for anything easier.

Have a Happy Turkey Day,
Sewingly Yours,

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Making

I took some of the yardage from the 'magic' tub and have several pillowcases prepped.  Since these were donated fabrics , they are going back out as donations with our guild's collection of pillowcases to the Community Christmas Boxes.  There are a couple more large pieces to use, but I have to search for the 'cuff' pieces on my shelves.  There is enough here to keep me busy today.

And I am going to have to search for that special little piece of fabric for the temperature quilt to mark the 'first' snow of the season.  We've had bits of flurries with no real accummilation.  This one is taking it's time collecting and I guess is to fall lightly over the next couple of days.  A White Thanksgiving for us.

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Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Fabric Out-Fabric In

I've been trying to get some projects finished before the end of the year.  This is one of the flower pounding pieces I did at our guild's workshop a month ago.  I hope to get the other two done as well.

The Burgoyne Surrounded is in the final phase - borders!!  My Bane!!  I just have the last large floral border. I am going to have to do some real fiddling to get  the piecing to match up to make the length I need as I only have just so much fabric.  There is a piece JUST large enough for the binding and I have a fabric for the back.  More fabric out.

We were reminded to bring bags with us to the next quilt guild meeting for our swap/share/free night - I brought a tub.  Well, it had a lot of books, magazines, and patterns in it to take for the night - BUT....

I filled it back up with some plushies, flannels, and kid print scraps....

Some yardage that no one wanted.  Yes, I waited until pretty much everyone went thru and selected before I browsed.  We have a pillowcase drive for Christmas and I plan to use some of these with things off the shelf.

My camera batties are low, thus the poor pictures.  Some floral  scraps in about FQ size.

This was a mix of shirting, ticking, and light weight denim.  This fills my basket of a planned project for January.

A baggy of Home Decor weight swatches perfect for small bags and wristlets.

A box of homespuns with a basket project started.  There was a pattern with this, but someone wanted just the pattern - I can figure this out, so let her have the pattern.

A box of American Jane and some 'real' 30's fabrics - oh, boy!!

Three of this panel.  I tried to convince everyome that these make for quick baby quilts - no takers so I took them all.

This adorable panel is going to fun to add borders to for a quick quilt.

A cute tin full of buttons, threads, and I only took one pattern (set).

And these were from my ventures to quilt shops.  The FQ bundle is 'Quill' by Three Sisters (when I had my Juki fixed) - the owl plushie and cute chicken fabric I bought when I took the landscaping class.

I think I am ready for next year with new fabrics and plenty of new scraps (I have all those bags, too).  Oh, and I hit a thread sale on-line - yup, ready for 2018!

Sewingly Yours,