Sunday, October 22, 2017

Scrappy Finish

The photo memory quilt needs it's binding attached and stitched down.  The label is ready for a little edge finish and then attaching.  Then this quilt is ready to head out the door.

The client also brought me some old panel piecess to make pillow covers with.  These just need their buttons sewn on to be ready along with the quilt.

I have a few more commission pieces that need a finish off so I can get everything out the door in the next week or two.  When you've spent 20 of 30 days on the road with meetings, quilt shows and vending - it takes time out of your work schedule.  My Juki is still limping and I hope it keeps up (with lots of colorful words) so I can get things done.

And in all the scuffle of projects and road time, I lost poor Earlene.  Finally came across her looking for something else.  Just the black and a few embellishments (with the quilting process) and I hope to get her done.  The 'butterfly' strip is actually part of the Bleeker Street project and I have been using those into other projects.  It seems to fit Earlene and with some adjustments, it will be part of her border.

We have a few more days of a little warmer, sunny weather - but soon to change with that word 'snow' on the way.

Back to that binding,
Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

My scraps of greens, aquas, heading into blues for this past weeks temperature rosette.  We've had heavy frost, but some of the Catskill and Adirondack Mountain areas have had a wee bit of snow.  I might need something special to mark our first snow day like I did for the Solar Eclipse event.

63 - 68 - 69 - 70 - 72 - 51 - 52

I may need to pull one or two more to work with these - piecing a back for a quilt that has to be finished this weekend.

I bought some embroideries from one of the vendors at the show - a local shop samples for demo of their machines.  There was quite a pile of some very lovely things.  Some singles, some doubles, triples and foursies.

This  one looks like our one barn and the old pump - yes, we had one of those once upon a time.  I like the fabric sashing, but I think I will remove and make into skinnier shashing.  Then I have a block in mind to make an outside border.  This one is mine.

I've had a lot of 'horse' requests lately and I grabbed this one up to save for any special commission requests down the line.

One of the other vendors at the show was a defunct shop and she was traveling shows trying to clear inventory.  I fell in love with the number FQ and it was a 'just have to have' purchase.  The 'Almost Amish' is an old RJR line and I took what was left on the bolt - a little over 4 yrds - with plans for using it as a backing.

Now I need to get that back pieced,
Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday Making

Since I posted the Quilt Show on Monday, my Monday Making waited a day.  I worked these Bonnie Hunter Challenge Rails and Logs while there was time home from vending over the weekend and finished them up Monday.  They all need a good pressing and squaring up.  I now have 40 of each, so about half way there with this project.  The upside is that the last scrap bag is empty!  I have plenty of FQ odds and ends that need using up, so that is my next area to hit when I sit down to these.

Block #10  for the Pathwork QAL came out on Monday and I cut all my pieces out.  Love these little work boards to hold my things in place and sits easily next to the machine.  I will do these as leader/enders as I prep some projects for machine quilting.  Then my machine gets a good cleaning, oiling and set up for 'quilt' mode - those projects have been stacked up and waiting their turn for too long.

Our temps have downward spiraled with some very heavy frost last night - thought it snowed.  The Canadian Geese are making very short stops of rest/feeding and moving on at a fast pace.  I think that four letter word is on it's way.

Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Pieces of the Heart Quilt Show

I managed to sneak out and grap some 'down the hall' and 'in the room' shots before it got busy.  My photos are not the best.

This drew - such a great scrap buster !!!

The kimono jackets  are the challenge for our guild this year, and Joan (our fearless leader) had a few in the show.

I was pleased to see another bear down the hall from my bear.

There were lots of miniatures, bags, and items of clothing - some of the guilds' challenges; and it was nice to see so many different guilds partake in this show.

T- shirt and memory quilts aplenty, too.

I LOVED this quilt and done by one of our guild members and supior longarmer, too.

Seemed at every turn there was a sign MORE QUILTS and boy were there!  All sizes, techniques, and all just awesome.

Look at all those triangles!  And the applique was wool.  I so wish I wasn't allergic to it because I would love to do this.

In the children's room were so many cute quilts and so nicely displayed.

My dear friend Martha's cute farm quilt - how cute is this?!!

Row quilts that were another quild's challenge

The Holiday Room filled with Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc....

And then my camera was dead and time to get back to my booth.

I hope this link works - a member of the Cobleskill Guild who is a professional photographer - her facebook page of this show is just fabulous

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the Thirteenth

It was the first day of the Quilt Show and I thought I would share the feature quilter exhibit today.  This is Betty Fikes-Pillsbury, a reknown crazy quilter, local gal, and we are honored to, also, have her as one of our guild's members.

I am blown away by her work to say the least.  The piece she is demo'ing on she just started and has so much accomplished - I am amazed.

The large  windows in this room really played havoc in getting photos.    Large pieces, lots of small pieces, many articles of clothing, and home decor - she does it all.  She's even quite the herbalist, too.

AND it was her Birthday!! 

This year they added a special exhibit honoring local quilt guilds.  I was pleased to see 6 guilds set up displays - 5 of which are member guilds of the Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame.

Another room with large windows and lots of odd lighting in the room.  Love this dresdan!

Fabulous needleturn applique' on this one.

Lots of hearts made by all the members of this guild made for a special quilt.

Beautiful quilt that had just come from this guild's show and had earned best of show.

My guild's display.  Unfortunately the little photo screen display device we had some how lost a piece to attach the power.  Hopefully there is a fix so we can run them tomorrow.

With close to 200 quilts, wallhangings, appearal, and home decor pieces - I hope I get a chance to get some decent photos of the actual show.

And being Feline Friday on the 13th - had to snap a picture of a black cat!  Moe keeping my scrappy project safe while I am gone.

Sewingly Yours,

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

Boy, it's been a long time since I had a scrappy play day or scrappy Wednesday post.  The commission quilt is a finished flimsy and pressed/blocked out for sandwiching.  Since the next three days I will be busy at the local quilt show, today is a play day.

I want to play with Bonnie Hunter's Rail Block Challenge which I am using a mix of logs and rails.  My previous scrap bag was down to a few left overs in a zip bag, so I pulled a new grocery sack of scraps to add to the mix.  Use it up is the theory of this quilt.

Even with the business, I did keep up with a little hexie each day and managed to finish off the next temperature rosette.  As you can see, we've had the typical changing of seasons of up and down temps.

60 -69 - 59 - 68 - 75 - 68 - 76

Take some time to play,
Sewingly Yours,

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Busy Week

I am on the final lap of finishing up this commission - borders.  It will be a flimsy soon and then I have the backing/batt ready to get this sandwiched.  I hope to grab some time over the next few days to get this quilted as it is a busy week. 

I had some requests for local shops - sorry, you were no reply bloggers as you respond via Google +.  So here is a list:

The Joyful Quilter - Glenville, NY
Stitch & Time - Saratoga, NY
KC Framing and Fabric - Saratoga, NY
Common Thread - Saratoga Springs, NY
Log Cabin Fabrics - Selkirk, NY
The Yardstick - Cobleskill, NY
The Quilt Bug - Schenectady, NY

I have a Catskill Mountains Quilters Hall of Fame meeting down in Liberty, NY (2.5 hr drive for me) and we are to get heavy rains with the thanks of storm Nate - hopefully I won't be swimming.

Thursday I go to help with set up of the :

"Pieces from the Heart XII" Quilt Show
Cobleskill United Methodist Church
 *corner of Chapel & North Grand Streets, Cobleskill, NY
Show is Friday Oct 13 (2-6pm) and Saturday Oct 14 (9-3)
**special exhibit:  Betty Pillsbury - book signing and her crazy quilts
Honor Exhibit:  Local Quilt Guilds
Vendors (I'm vending), Silent Auction, and lunch available (Sat).

When this is all over - I am dumping a bag of scraps and play!!

Sewingly Yours,

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Of Temps & Friends

I have my nose to the grind stone to finish a commission before I am tightly booked with travel events.  BUT I do manage to check the noon temperature for each day so I can keep the rosettes on track.  We had a bit of variety for this week.

86 - 70 - 68 - 62 - 52 - 64 - 63

And I simply did not take a single picture the whole time that I had special visitors.  This journey was all about Barbara and Mike and she is entitled to the big picture of things.  I did pop out the morning they were to leave and get a picture of their big rig as it sat next to the old barn.  I'm, also, happy that our temperatures got warmer when they rolled thru. 

I am very honored that they had included me and our little town as part of their adventure(s).  If you don't follow Barb, you should.  She writes with such brightness and delight - and her photography is super.  I am enjoying traveling with them via her blog.

Sewingly Yours,

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Bronck Museum

I took a day to rest up from my day away.  Travel vending takes it's toll, but this was such a lovely place and don't know why I have never been here to visit before.  This is the library and I fell in love with that porch.

Some of the  smaller out buildings off to the left of the library.  Every building had vendors or some event going on during the day.  I went out for photos before the opening, but there was quite a crowd upon opening.

Down the sidewalk from the library heading into the heart of the complex.  It was cool, but the sunshine made it a crisp fall atmosphere for the day.

Just loved the charm of this house

and it reminded a lot of my own home - although mines a lot larger, but a lot of similarities.  They had a fiddle period band play on this porch and a lot of people sat to listen, rest, and even dance.

I would love to come back for one of the tours to take in  the beauty of all the barns and this home with out the vendor wares.

The windows, fireplaces and wide plank floor boards are so like my home.

The main part of the house (brick side) had two of these double dutch doors which does date it's earlier Dutch design from ours.  Gosh, I would love these.

The bedroom had this huge chifferobe.  I have one similar but no ball feet and somewhere along the way was painted white - oh my heart.

This looks so like our red barn - even the inside!  There were a lot of barns scattered on this old Dutch farmstead now museum/historical site.  Up in the right corner you can see a horse van (they were giving draft horse wagon pull rides thru the day around the entire complex), there is a large barn that had been used as a barracks.  They had and demo there, but I never got up to it.

This was the main office and where I was stationed.

Talk about photos where you chop off the heads of people, well I cropped the sheep!  These were my neighbors for the day on the side of the office building.

They were special visitors for me as their MaMa is my kitties' Vet.

As I said, I would love to revisit for one of their tours to take this entire complex in with all of it's  history that is so closely tied to my own.

Today I have an Exec Hall of Fame meeting in the morning ; I am waiting for some guests to arrive in the afternoon.  I will share that one later.

Seingly yours,